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After Devastating Florida, Hurricane Ian Rakes South Carolina

https://ift.tt/Q8kCcFm Hurricane Ian, one of the most...

US Slaps Fresh Sanctions on Russia for Its Annexation

https://ift.tt/g4TEscM Biden administration Friday imposed fresh sanctions...

At UN, Russia, US Trade Barbs Over Nord Stream Damage

https://ift.tt/g4TEscM United States and Russia traded barbs...

Russian ex-president envisions military junta in Kiev

A coup is the only alternative to a civilian government accepting Russia’s terms for peace, Dmitry Medvedev said

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev predicted that the Ukrainian military may stage a coup in Kiev to do what the civilian government refuses to do – negotiate peace with Russia.

Medvedev, who is now deputy chair of the Russian National Security Council, outlined the scenario as one of two options that he believes to be viable for Ukraine. The other was if the government of President Vladimir Zelensky changed its tune and agreed to Russia’s terms for ending hostilities. Either way, Russia will get what it wants from Ukraine, the official said.

Moscow declared the demilitarization and ‘denazification’ of Ukraine as the goals of its military operation in the country. Kiev initially appeared willing to accept a neutral status, but was later emboldened by Western military aid. Zelensky now insists that defeating Russia on the battlefield and retaking all the land that was under Kiev’s control before 2014 is the only possible option for his country.

The assessment by Medvedev apparently came in response to a Wednesday article in the Guardian, which made predictions for how the Ukrainian crisis could develop over the next six months. Dan Sabbagh, the British newspaper’s defense and security editor, offered five predictions that he considers likely.

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The expectations included a deadlocked conflict and a reduction in the intensity of hostilities, a campaign of sabotage by Ukrainian special forces and a renewed refugee crisis during winter.

The Russian official said that any scenario for the conflict that would predict a victory for Kiev was “crystal-clear lies and demagoguery.”

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