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Russian regional head knifed over personal grudge – investigators

The governor of Murmansk was stabbed as he was leaving a meeting with residents of the town of Apatity

Murmansk Region Governor Andrey Chibis was attacked by a person who said he had a feeling of “distaste” for the official, Russia’s Investigative Committee said on Friday.

Chibis was stabbed on Thursday evening after a town hall meeting with residents of the town of Apatity in the northern part of western Russia. Investigators say the attacker was a local resident, with several Russian media outlets identifying him as Aleksandr Bidanov, a 43-year-old railway worker. The governor was taken to an intensive care unit in grave condition and underwent surgery. Later, he recorded a video from the hospital.

The suspect was swiftly apprehended at the scene after being injured by a National Guard officer who was providing security at the meeting.

The Investigative Committee said that the assailant, who was detained and received treatment for his injuries, told the authorities that he “committed the attack because he felt distaste for the governor, although he did not know him personally.” The officials did not specify what had caused these feelings.

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Andrey Chibis, the governor of Russia’s Murmansk region, speaks at an event in Moscow on February 20, 2024.
Russian regional governor attacked

According to TASS, the alleged assailant is not under psychiatric observation. However, the suspect claimed that he was ordered to attack the governor “by voices in his head,” a source told Kommersant.

The investigators noted that the suspect has a prior criminal record and was charged with inflicting minor bodily harm, adding that they are still investigating the incident.

Andrey Chibis, 45, was appointed acting governor in 2019 and was elected later that year with 60% of the vote. Although his term expires this year, Chibis has said he will run for reelection.

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