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Russian teacher fired after racy striptease video goes viral

A teacher has been dismissed from her job in Siberia after starring in a raunchy video in which she flaunted her body in lingerie, attracting significant attention online, as well as condemnation from an angry parent.
Victoria Kashirina, a 23-year-old from the city of Novosibirsk, made headlines in Russian outlets on Tuesday for uploading the home-made clip to her Instagram account. The short erotic film begins with the teacher dropping her coat upon entering her home to reveal racy black hosiery and suspenders. The educator later films herself caressing her body on the floor and the bed.

As well as attracting admirers, Kashirina found herself in hot water after the mother of one of her students saw the video published online and sent a message to her complaining about the content.

“Good evening. Could you please not put up a video of this explicit kind? Or close your profile. My daughter is watching this, it clearly undermines your authority as a teacher,” the enraged parent wrote. The Russian language and literature teacher refused to delete the video and told the mother that she should keep an eye on her daughter’s internet habits, rather than policing others.

The director of the Online Gymnasium then demanded that the young woman write a letter of resignation, which she declined to do. Kashirina asked why she was being told to delete the footage and was subsequently informed about a document regulating teachers’ behavior on social media.

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        <figcaption><a href="/russia/460544-kindergarten-striptease-boar-video/">‘Who let the boar out?’ Head teacher quits after footage appears of striptease in a kindergarten</a></figcaption>

Having refused to hand in her resignation willingly, she was told she would be fired for “immoral behavior.” On December 6, she wrote on her Instagram that she no longer works at the school.

Kashirina insists many colleagues supported her after the incident, but she is currently uncertain if she still has a future in teaching after the clip went viral.

In 2019, a head teacher quit after footage depicting a stripper giving a dance to pre-school teachers at a kindergarten in Surgut, western Siberia, was leaked and slammed online as a “disgrace.”
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