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Taiwan raises PFAS control

Taiwan’s per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) control measures are in line with global standards and now an action plan is in the pipeline for implementation by the Ministry of Environment and other government agencies, the MOENV said Jan. 24.
The ministry’s remarks came in response to a press event organized by Taiwan Watch Institute in Taipei City to share the results of the “Forever Chemicals in Single-use Food Packaging and Tableware from 17 Countries.” The study was released last month by International Pollutants Elimination Network, a global watchdog for toxic pollutants registered in Sweden.
The TWI said the study found toxic PFAS chemicals, including globally banned substances, in various food containers and tableware in countries around the world, including Taiwan. The local nonprofit organization called for expedited government action to prevent PFAS from damaging the environment and jeopardizing public health.
According to the MOENV, the government is seriously concerned about the hazards posed by organic pollutants in the environment. The MOENV has been working with the Ministries of Agriculture, Economic Affairs, Finance, Labor and Health and Welfare since 2008 to enforce control measures according to guidelines set out in the U.N. Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.
All 34 PFAS chemicals targeted by the convention are currently regulated by the government, the MOENV said, adding that a dedicated website run by the ministry provides project progress reports to inform the public on developments.
Premier Chen Chien-jen was briefed on a cross-ministerial action plan drafted by the MOENV last year, and has directed related ministries to step up fine-tuning on the project for final approval, the ministry said. (SFC-E)
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