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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tucker Carlson interviews conservative Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin

They discussed globalism and censorship in the West

American journalist Tucker Carlson has released a 20-minute interview with high-profile Russian philosopher and political commentator Aleksandr Dugin. The conversation was published on Carlson’s YouTube channel on Monday.

Western media have described Dugin as “Putin’s brain” due to his supposed influence on President Vladimir Putin and the Russian elite.

A fervent critic of the West and a foreign policy hawk, Dugin passionately supports Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and has stated that an independent Ukrainian state “should not exist.” 

In 2022, his daughter Darya was killed in a car bombing, which the Russian authorities said had been orchestrated by Ukrainian agents. Several US media outlets subsequently cited unnamed US intelligence officials as saying that Washington believes that the Ukrainian authorities were indeed involved in the assassination.


April 30, 2024 at 04:12AM

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