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UK national dies in DPR captivity

The Donetsk People’s Republic ombudsman has revealed captured “British mercenary” Paul Urey died of chronic illnesses on Sunday

British national Paul Urey died of chronic diseases and stress while in DPR custody last Sunday, the Donbass republic’s ombudsman, Darya Morozova, announced on Friday.

According to the official, Urey had been fighting for Ukraine as a “mercenary” before being captured by the DPR forces. British media, citing the man’s relatives, claimed he was an aid worker.

Morozova noted that during the first medical checkup following Urey’s capture in late April “a number of chronic diseases” were identified, including “insulin-dependent diabetes, respiratory system and kidney impairment and several cardiovascular diseases.


Considering the diagnosis and stress, he passed away on July 10,” the official explained.

She stressed that all the necessary medical treatment had been provided to the captive by the DPR authorities.

According to the official, DPR representatives had notified the British authorities, international organizations and media of Urey’s capture, but “no reaction from Great Britain had been forthcoming.



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