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Ukraine lost over 8,000 soldiers in a week – Russian MOD

Kiev’s forces have also lost hundreds of pieces of equipment, including Western-supplied arms, to Russian attacks, ministry says

Kiev’s losses of military personnel have surpassed 8,000 over the past week amid Moscow’s continued offensive in Donbass, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a series of Telegram posts on Saturday. The nation’s military seized two settlements from Ukrainian forces and has gained ground across the region, it stated.

Moscow’s forces had taken control over the villages of Novomikhailovka in the central part of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and of Bogdanovka, near the key strategic town of Chasov Yar in the DPR’s north, the statements read. The troops also repelled some two dozen Ukrainian attacks in the region.

Intense fighting also broke out in the Avdeevka area of the DPR, where Russian forces were advancing towards the villages of Ocheretino and Netailovo, located further to the west of the strategic Donbass town taken by Moscow’s forces in February. The nation’s forces also pushed back 63 Ukrainian assaults in the area, according to the ministry.

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Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.
Russia has seized initiative in Ukraine conflict – defense minister

Ukraine lost a total of 8,280 soldiers over the past seven days, mostly in the Donbass fighting, the data provided by the ministry suggests. Kiev’s troops also lost about a dozen tanks and several dozen armored fighting vehicles, along with hundreds of other pieces of military equipment. The list includes at least one US-made Paladin self-propelled 155mm howitzer, as well as almost 30 Western-supplied artillery systems, according to Moscow.

Russian forces also destroyed eight Ukrainian multiple rocket launchers, including the US-made HIMARS and the Czech-supplied RM-70 Vampire systems. The nation’s Air Force and Air Defense systems shot down Ukraine’s MiG-29 fighter jet and Su-25 close air support aircraft, along with more than 1,600 drones, the ministry said.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.
More weapons for Kiev won’t change battlefield dynamics – Kremlin

Earlier this week, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that Moscow’s forces had seized the initiative in the Ukraine conflict and had “dispelled the myth of the superiority of Western weapons.”

Ukraine’s top military commander General Aleksandr Syrsky described the situation on the frontlines as “difficult” as he talked with some of Kiev’s Western backers via a video link on Friday. Things “have a tendency to get worse,” he admitted in a Telegram post reporting on the virtual meeting.

The developments come as the US adopted a $61-billion defense package bill on new aid for Kiev. Several media outlets reported that the first batches of aid could be dispatched to Kiev within days. The legislation had been stuck in Congress for months as Republican lawmakers blocked it in a drawn-out bid to squeeze concessions out of the Biden administration on US border-control policies.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky then told NBC that his nation had a “chance at victory” now as more Western weapons were coming its way. The Kremlin dismissed the news by saying that no new batches of weapons could change the dynamics on the frontlines.

April 27, 2024 at 10:38PM

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