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Ukrainian saboteurs attempt raid in Russia – official

Border guards stopped a group of 20 operatives from entering the country, Bryansk Region governor said

Russia’s armed forces and its border guard in the Bryansk region have prevented a Ukrainian sabotage-and-reconnaissance unit from entering the country for an operation, governor Aleksandr Bogomaz reported on Thursday.

According to the official, the unit of 20 persons had tried to penetrate Russian territory near the village of Sluchovsk in the Pogarsky district in Bryansk Region, north of Ukraine. However, their attempt was thwarted by Russian forces, who opened fire on the group, Bogomaz said.

Earlier in the day, the governor of the Ukraine-bordering region also reported that Kiev’s troops had launched a mortar strike on the village of Zapesochye, in the Pogarsky district. He claimed that there were no casualties as a result of the attack, but noted that ten residential houses and one car were damaged in the shelling.

On Wednesday, Bogomaz also reported that a Ukrainian UAV had dropped an explosive device in the region, injuring one person.

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Ukrainian saboteurs hit by ‘massive strike’ – Moscow

Last month, another group of Ukrainian saboteurs had crossed into Bryansk Region and launched raids on several local villages, killing at least two civilians and injuring one child. Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) reported at the time that it had stopped the group by pushing them back to Ukrainian territory and hitting them with a “massive artillery strike.

That incident was branded a “terrorist attack” by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who called the people responsible for such acts “neo-Nazis and terrorists.

Russian regions bordering Ukraine have regularly come under attack by Kiev’s forces since the start of the protracted conflict. Local authorities in Bryansk and Kursk Regions have repeatedly reported shelling by Ukrainian forces, which has occasionally resulted in civilian casualties but has caused damage to numerous residential buildings.

April 06, 2023 at 03:46PM

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