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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Ukrainian ‘saboteurs’ killed on border with Russia – Moscow

Agents engaged the group in a firefight while they were trying to enter Bryansk Region, Russia’s Security Service (FSB) says

Several Ukrainian saboteurs were intercepted on Sunday while trying to infiltrate Russia, according to the FSB security service. Four members of the group were killed in a firefight, the agency said.

The FSB said the Ukrainians were armed with submachine guns produced by the German firm SIG Sauer, and had “communication and navigation equipment and means for conducting acts of sabotage and terrorism.” The group had four improvised explosive devices with a combined yield equivalent to 40 kg of TNT, the statement added.

©  FSB

The agency released graphic footage purportedly from the scene of the firefight. It showed several apparently dead bodies in winter camouflage, with weapons lying on or next to them. At least some of the fighters were armed with carbines rather than SMGs, according to the video.


December 26, 2022 at 05:23PM

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