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WATCH: Palestinians displaced by conflict with Israel speak to RT

According to UN data, about 85% of the population of Gaza has been left without home

Nearly 1.9 million Palestinians are now displaced due to the raging conflict with Israel, according to data provided by the UN this week. That number amounts to about 85% of the Gaza population. 

After a deadly Hamas attack on October 7, which left around 1,200 people dead, Israel launched a massive air and ground offensive to eliminate the Gaza-based militant group. Since then, more than 17,000 Palestinians, including over 7,100 children, have been killed, according to local officials.

Israel has ordered Gaza civilians to evacuate to places it has designated as “safe areas.” However, as the offensive expands, the local population doubts they can find a place to hide. One Palestinian refugee told RT that his family tried to find shelter in a school, but it was bombed by Israel, so now they are living right on the street. “There’s no water and there’s no food,” he complained. “We were greatly oppressed and subjected to great humiliation. I’m running around the streets until I get a piece of cloth to cover my children with.”

His wife said that she cries every day, because she has no news about her family members. “It’s difficult to sleep from fear and terror,” she added. “There is no food available, my children spend the whole day hungry.”

Watch the full video here:

December 09, 2023 at 03:08PM

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