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WATCH Russian military strike Ukrainian airfield

Footage shared by a war correspondent appears to show a Su-27 fighter being wiped out in the city of Mirgorod

Moscow has conducted long-range strikes and drone attacks against various Ukrainian Armed Forces targets including a military airbase, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated Wednesday, without providing location details.

Earlier, Ukrainian media reported blasts in the city of Mirgorod in Poltava Region, where a large military airfield is located. 

Russian war correspondent Andrey Rudenko published a brief video on his Telegram channel on Wednesday which apparently showed a Su-27 fighter jet being destroyed by a short-range Iskander ballistic missile. The clip was filmed from a bird’s-eye view by a surveillance drone. He added that it was the airbase in Mirgorod.

“Nearby you can see a dump of aircraft debris from previous attacks on this airfield,” Rudenko pointed out.

The Defense Ministry also published footage showing an Iskander strike on an S-300 air defense system in the area near the Mirgorod airfield, located in the village of Polyvyanoye. The system covered the airfield located to its west. Drone footage showed a blast and large plums of billowing smoke.

The clip also showed a secondary detonation, the ministry added. It reported destroying two launchers, two radar stations and a combat control cabin in the attack.

June 12, 2024 at 05:33PM

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