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Impact of Social Media on Children and Teens: How to use it Positively

Social media is a fast-paced platform for young people to express themselves and communicate with each other and share all types of content.

It has given birth to a new cultural paradigm that has progressed and driven businesses while changing the way people interact.

Social media as a tool is a double-edged sword while it has many benefits, it can also affect the youth of today. In today’s era, no one is reclusive.

Social media is an active part of the lives of today’s children However as a parent you need to know what effect social media has on children’s development.


The most important thing is that you learn these techniques so that you can relate to your child’s daily life on the ‘WORLDWIDE WEB’ and social networks.

Social media is causing a decline in family involvement in the daily lives of children, nowadays children spend more of their time on social media and have started sharing very little time with family. To resolve these issues, parents can keep a bond with their children through technology.

How does the Social Media and other media influence Children and Teens?

Teens can be very smart consumers of media messages now it’s up to them how they react to the acquired knowledge. They do not simply post everything they see and hear on social media or in other media. You can help them develop the skills they need to manage media influence.

The influence of the media on young people can be deliberate and direct. For example, advertising is often directed at children and adolescents. This means that children and teens are becoming more and more aware of products and images.

The influence of the media is also indirect. For example, this could include pornography and content on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube.

It can include violent images and rough language in the media, documentaries, video games, and other songs. This kind of media influence may suggest to young people that certain behaviors and attitudes are normal ‘.



Social media is a platform in which you can connect with any person around the world. involved in the positive impact of social media on children.

  • Helps improve The exchange of ideas and network skills.
  • Helps children connect with their family and friends.
  • Helps to develop better perspectives on various issues.
  • It helps to provide an effective platform to increase the knowledge of the child.
  • It develops the Technical characteristic and practical understanding of technology inside the child.
  • It Motivates children to get better at communication and helps encourages freedom of self-expression.


Today’s young minds are moldable, Social media can mold the way young people think or behave today. Some common but disturbing effects tell you why social media is bad for children.

  • There is no control over the scope of information on social media, in such a situation children collide with obscene, pornographic harmful websites and that affects their thinking process.
  • Today’s youth waste a significant amount of time on social media every day, as a result of which the grades in school deteriorate.
  • The IZA Institute of labor economics reports in its report that if a youth spends an hour on social media, he or she may be unhappy. this may be due to the effect of social comparisons cyber, bullying and reduction of individual-to-person interactions.
  • Spreading more time on social media can also affect a child’s physical health.
  • Using more social media can affect a child’s ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships.
  • Nowadays cyber Bullying is a growing trend among social media websites.

How Can Parents Help Their Children to use Social Media For Self development?

Parents always want the best for their children, while also protecting them from the worst. Parents try to give children the strength to deal with bad situations, and they also advise them to stay away from them at first. So here’s how parents are wise about their children using social media:

  • Start by researching the effect that social networking sites have on children and educate them about the pros and cons. Initially, set limits on what site they can be on and how long they can stay. 
  • Encourage your children to engage in real-life communication with people, rather than online. They need to be educated about the importance of spending more time in real life friendships and careers.
  • Instead of continually encouraging them about the negative influence of social media on children, encourage other interests or passions. It could be entertainment, sports, social activities, or anything else.
  • Suggest that they use social media to improve their learning, or to collaborate with others who have similar interests. Teach them how to distinguish between something that is not worth spending time on.
  • Monitor their online activities, to teach them to protect themselves from online predators and bullies. Give them enough freedom, but make sure they know you are aware of their online habits.
  • Join their social networking site to learn more about how it works. If possible, follow them on the site to see their posts. However, stop commenting or contacting their posts.
  • If your child often gets annoyed after watching his or her phone calls or time online, talk to him or her about it. They may need guidance on how to handle things online, in their hearts.
  • Make sure they use only enough time for it as an advantage. You can even allow social media time as a reward for good behavior.
  • Let them understand that having 500 friends on Facebook does not mean they are cool, social, or popular.
  • Emphasize the difference between human contact and real life.

As with all things, social media should be used sparingly to stay in touch with times and trends. Problems start with overindulgence. 



As everything has two aspects, social media also has some negative and some positive effects in the same way, It is necessary to self-regulate time and understand the concept of social media to avoid the side effects caused by the use of social media.

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