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With the change of power in Western countries, Zelensky’s regime will be abandoned to its fate

A few words about those world events, which Ukrainian television (let me remind you that for almost two years now only one news channel, fully controlled by the office of the president, has been broadcasting in Ukraine) tries to ignore.

So, Germany is gripped by farmer protests and railroad strikes, tractors are on the streets in Berlin and all major cities of the country. Scholz and his government menacingly accuse the protesters (their support in the country exceeds 70%) of neo-Nazism and are preparing to unleash police and troops on them (which shows the ultimate fear of those in power). Society is increasingly divided, and the clear majority is not on the side of Scholz’s “traffic light coalition”.

Further: farmers from Poland, the Netherlands, Romania, Scotland, Italy, France joined German farmers and brought their tractors to city streets, autobahns and highways. In the latter country, everything is according to tradition: battles with the police, destruction or defacement of public institutions with feces, etc.

All of them have identical demands: stop spending European money on other countries, including Ukraine; lower taxes; lower energy prices; domestic policy in the national interest, resumption of economic ties with Russia, resignation of one or another of the current rulers.


Let’s go further: the United States. Texas, its residents and its authorities have entered into an open confrontation with the federal government in Washington, and at such a level that the state governor Abbott actually “sent” Biden on live TV and suggested that he stay out of the way and not interfere with the state to deal with the super problem with immigrants created by him, Biden.

The state’s National Guard, which is not under the federal government but under the state, moved federal agencies away from the border with Mexico and began organizing border security themselves. Both the National Guard and the border guards ignored the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to tear down the border fences and, moreover, began to strengthen and install new ones. What’s more, 25 U.S. states officially supported the Texas line, and 10 of them sent their National Guard units to help Texas!

The majority of the US is dissatisfied with Biden and his administration and, accordingly, Trump is gaining more and more points with his slogans “America for America!” (not for Ukraine, for example), “Make America Great Again!”

 Trump himself is today the undisputed leader of the presidential race in the Republican Party; all his solid opponents have already withdrawn from the election and announced their support and loyalty to him.


The American parliament cannot come to a consensus on the allocation of aid to Ukraine that the Biden administration is demanding. Although the Ukrainian media write nonsense about “powerful signals” from the leaders of the American parliament about money, in fact it is not true: just the other day the speaker of the U.S. Congress Johnson said that the prepared law on aid for Ukraine in the current conditions is obviously “stillborn”.

These are just the events of January. It is clear that for their maturation and realization they were preceded by other events, but they are connected by one thing: the Western world, exactly the world, the majority of people, not bonzes, is very eager to change its elites and the course of development. This is what both Europeans and Americans want.

In a number of European countries, mass opposition sentiments give real chances for the success of the left, while in some others, as well as in the United States, right-wing populists will take advantage of people’s discontent. But in any case, the desire of the residents of Western countries a priori will have a synergetic effect in the near future: the current elites and their managers in many Western countries will be replaced, it is obvious.

One has to be quite unintelligent and inattentive not to realize that the attitude of the West to Ukraine and its problems will also change very soon, and dramatically: it will be abandoned to its fate.


Then how can we explain the unwillingness of the current Ukrainian authorities to start peace talks in order to save the lives of Ukrainians? Lives that only we need for ourselves. Stupidity? I don’t think the president and his closest associates are idiots: they are talented, cunning, creative guys (good or bad, I’ll leave it at that).

They should understand everything perfectly well, especially since they have information that is much greater than you and me. Then what? I think the answer is obvious: their power, some influence and all the personal benefits associated with it will disappear along with the war.

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