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Idea of Renaming Russia to ‘Muscovy’ is an attempt to set ‘anti-Russia’ sentiment — diplomat

The idea of ​​renaming Russia to Moscow in the Ukrainian language once again proves attempts to make Ukraine “anti-Russian”, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Saturday.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy had instructed Prime Minister Denis Shmygal to “carefully study” the possibility of renaming Russia to Muscovy in the Ukrainian language.

“Bunker (President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy – TASS) proves that we are right every day. Here is another proof of an attempt to make Ukraine “anti-Russia,” she wrote on her Telegram TV channel on Saturday. instructions of the President of Ukraine.

The instructions were created in response to a petition that collected 25,000 signatures on Zelensky’s website and was therefore submitted to the President of Ukraine for consideration.


The Ukrainian president asked Shmygal to investigate whether this step is possible in the historical and cultural context and what consequences it may have in terms of international law.

The petition also suggests replacing the term “Russian Federation” with “Moscow Federation” and the demonic name “Russian” with “Moscow”.

The proposal to rename Russia to Muscovy was made by the Kyiv City Council in January 2022, following similar initiatives presented by regional authorities from the Lviv and Rovno regions of Ukraine in December 2021.


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