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Insurrection in Brazil: Analysis of complete story, how and why Bolsonaro supporters gone violent

Ex President Jair Bolsonaro supporters gone violent in Brazil and stormed and vandalized Supreme Court, Congress office and Planalto Presidential Palace marking rage against newly elected President Luiz Inacio Lula De Silva.

Since after the attack the security forces has regained the control and arrested around 400 supporters of Jair Bolsonaro.

The Complete story behind Violent Political Turmoil:

In 2022:

On October 22nd: Lula beats Jair Bolsonaro by a minimal margin and regains the presidential seat after 2011. Lula has served the country for nearly 8 years from 2003 to 2011. On this, the Lula supporters begin gathering outside military bases and demanding a military intervention to prevent Lula retaining the Presidential seat.

On October 30th and 31st: The truckers of the nation blocked roads throughout the country in support of Ex President Jair Bolsonaro.

On November 2nd: Bolsonaro supporters openly hold rallies in Jair’s support and demanded military intervention to the matter.

On November 22nd: Jair Bolsonaro challenged the results of Brazilian Presidential Election and argued the fraud in the voting machines on Lula’s side. This complaint by Ex President was rebuffed by the election authorities of the country.

On December 12th: Federal electoral court certified the Lula’s election victory and after the arrest of a pro-Bolsonaro leaders for alleged anti-democratic acts, Bolsonaro supporters try to invade the federal police headquarters in capital city Brasilia.

From December 24th to 30th – A man was arrested in connection of attempting to set off a bomb in protest against Brazil’s election results. A copy of George Washington de Oliveira Sousa’s police statement, which showed he was inspired to build up an arsenal by Bolsonaro’s traditional support of the arming of the civilians. At least four people were arrested by Brazilian police for an alleged coup attempt during riots by Bolsonaro supporters. On 30th December, Jair lands in Florida just two days before Lula was set to take oath for the office.

In 2023

On 1st January 2023, President Luiz Inacio Lula De Silva takes oath for the presidential post and holds office for the third time. He quoted that democracy was the true winner of the presidential elections.

On 8th January 2023, Bolsonaro supporters invaded and vandalized Supreme Court, Congress office and Planalto Presidential Palace as a mark of displeasure towards Leftiest Lula taking oath and assuming office.


Therefore, these visuals for a democratic country doesn’t seems good at all. The experts also called the same act equivalent to Jan 6, 2021 insurrection occurred at U.S. Capitol Hill. Surprisingly, both the countries advocates that they are democratic in nature and allows every personal views but, the reality of these so called democratic nations are apparently exposed to the world.

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