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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Joe Biden Warns Russia Will Pay “A Terrible Price” If It Invades Ukraine

US President Biden told the possibility of sending U.S. ground combat troops to Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion was "never on the table,"

Wilmington: U.S. President Joe Biden on Saturday said he had made it clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia would pay a “terrible price” and face serious economic consequences if it attacked Ukraine.

Biden told reporters that it was possible to send US troops to Ukraine in case Russia attacked “it has never been on the table,” although the United States and NATO will have to send more troops to NATO’s eastern states to strengthen it. their defenses.

“I made it very clear to President Putin … that if he moves forward in Ukraine, the economic consequences for his economy will be very serious, catastrophic,” he said.

Biden, who spoke to Putin by telephone for two hours last week, said he had clearly told the Russian leader that Russia’s position on the world would change “dramatically” in the event of his entry into Ukraine.


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