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Most Famous Antarctica’s Shipwreck, the Endurance, Found After 106 Years

The ark was discovered at an altitude of 10,000 feet, just four miles from its last known land.

The Endurance crash, which carried explorer Ernest Shackleton to the Antarctic coast in 1915 before being crushed by ice and submerged, has been found about 10,000 feet [10,000 m] below the shores of Weddell Sea.

The search tour, commissioned by the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust and dubbed Endurance22, announced this in a press release on March 8.

t was found just four miles south of the final site recorded in 1915 by Frank Worsley, a former ship captain.


The Endurance22 team sailed for Agulhas II, a South African icebreaker, in early February. Using a series of underwater vehicles, the team looked at unusual features at the bottom of the ocean. Eventually, they found the ship, and sent high-resolution cameras to capture the findings.

Pictures of the accident show that it is in an amazing state, full of all kinds of marine animals but not in the worst form of decay. The icy conditions on the Weddell Sea have greatly hindered the development of any species that could damage wood.

“This is the best shipwreck I’ve ever seen,” said Mensun Bound, director of testing at Endurance22. “Straight, proud of the depth of the sea, it is in good condition, and in good condition for conservation.”

Under the Antarctic Treaty, the Endurance crash is protected as a historical site and monument and cannot be touched or disturbed.


One of the reasons why the ship took so long to discover is because the Reddell Sea is covered with thick ice – the very thing that sank Endurance. Even with modern icebreakers, it is difficult to enter the area where Endurance landed. However, this year you have seen low sea ice cover in Antarctica. Weddell Lake was still frozen, but conditions were favorable for the Agulhas II tropical research ship.

The shipwreck led to one of Antarctica’s most famous survival stories. Endurance was frozen in February 1915 and continued through the winter months, until the ice was finally frozen in November. 21. At that moment, Shackleton and his group of 27 men were trapped in a raging sea, beginning to drift. temporary camps as the snow beneath the feet sometimes cracked and threatened to drown them.

The team finally reached Elephant Island, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, before Shackleton and a group of five headed for the island of South Georgia. They completed the 500-mile [800 km] journey and were able to get help from men trapped at the island’s whaling station. The legend is famous for Shackleton’s leadership and the fact that there is no loss of life – just the loss of one powerful ship.

Now, you’ve been found.


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