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Sunday, May 15, 2022

At Least 10 Dead in Shooting at New York Supermarket 

https://ift.tt/3u5Mam6 gunman opened fire with a rifle...

At Least 8 Dead in Shooting at New York Supermarket 

https://ift.tt/YV4dJKC least eight people have been killed...

20 Injured in Two Milwaukee Shootings After Bucks Playoff Game

https://ift.tt/N3RpaS8 people were injured in two shootings...

Russian Hypersonic missiles hit a mall and two hotels at Odesa

Russian troops stormed Odesa on Monday, using submarines, overhead ships and planes to shoot missiles at several locations – including a shopping mall and two hotels – throughout the southern city. The video released by the city council showed great damage.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has used Victory Day celebrations to reiterate his baseless allegations that Western nations left him with no choice but to invade Ukraine. It provided a few clues to the conflict and scheduled air programs were canceled. White House News Secretary Jen Psaki said Putin’s allegations that NATO was “creating threats near our borders,” were “false and baseless.”

Here are some of the latest developments:

Ukrainian attack on Kharkiv takes place: Ukrainian troops say Russia has retained some of its troops within its borders to prevent a Ukrainian invasion of eastern Kharkiv. Inside Ukraine, ordinary workers say the most tense work is in the Donetsk region, where Russian troops try to move forward toward the city of Lyman, a major transportation hub.

Capture in the steel industry: Ukrainian troops continue to hold capture at Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, according to the State Border Guard Service. It is thought that there were several hundred soldiers in Azovstal and an unknown number of men. This plant is the last resort for Ukraine in the southern city.

Attack on Ukrainian cultural expert: The historic home of the respected Ukrainian poet and philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda was destroyed by Russian artillery fire, as well as a museum of his work. The home is located in a small village not far from Kharkiv, but nowhere near any obvious military objectives. The attack appears to have been a deliberate act of cultural descent, and it is not the first since the Russian invasion of February.

Russian journalists write post criticizing Putin: Two Russian journalists appear to have posted at least 30 brief articles in the pro-Kremlin media, lenta.ru, criticizing Putin’s attack on Ukraine and his government’s crackdown on critics. “Putin and his party will go to court after the end of the war,” he wrote in lenta.ru. “Putin and his comrades will not be able to excuse themselves or run away after losing this war.”

Additional US funding for Ukraine: US House of Representatives will consider another $ 40 billion funding for Ukraine on Tuesday, according to House Majority leader Steny Hoyer. On Monday, President Joe Biden called on Congress to “immediately” pass a Ukrainian aid bill, warning for the first time that existing aid would expire “in about ten days.”

Finland moves closer to NATO: “It is very likely” Finland will apply for NATO membership, European Affairs Minister Tytti Tuppurainen told CNN on Monday. National membership, which is likely to be a “natural response” to the Russian war in Ukraine, he said, added that if his country really worked, he hoped “the verification process would be as short as possible.”

Two Russian journalists appear to have posted at least 30 articles in the pro-Kremlin news agency, lenta.ru, on Monday criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine and his government’s pressure on critics.

CNN has reviewed articles – which were almost immediately released – some cited a way to celebrate 77 years the Soviet Union was defeated by Nazi Germany, others criticized the Russian leader for using Victory Day to justify his bloody invasion of Ukraine.

Journalists Egor Polyakov and Alexandra Miroshnikova have made numerous allegations in their writings, including that Russian security officials “lied to relatives” about those killed in the sinking of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet in Moskva and accused Putin of launching another “bloody war.” 21st century. “

"Putin and his party will face a court case after the end of the war," Polyakov and Miroshnikova published in lenta.ru. "Putin and his comrades will not be able to excuse themselves or run away after losing this war."

Polyakov and Miroshnikova are both business executives at lenta.ru, Russia’s largest Kremlin-sponsored news site. The parent company of the area was recently acquired by Russian Sberbank, which is subject to US sanctions for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

CNN reached out to two journalists and lenta.ru for comment but did not receive a prompt response.

Russia’s parliament passed a law in early March that criminalized what it considered to be a lie about the Russian war in Ukraine. Violation of the law could result in a fine of 1.5 million rubles (about $ 21,467) or up to 15 years in prison. Putin and state-run media are still referring to the full-blown civil war in Ukraine as a “special operation.”

Russia’s independent news agency Mediazone has published what it says is a statement by Polyakov and Miroshnikova following the publication of these articles.

"Putin is a paranoid dictator," they were quoted as saying. "Putin must go. He has started a senseless war and is leading Russia into a ditch. "

Polyakov and Miroshnikova not only publicly denied the government’s line of attack but also accused Putin of lying about his intentions in Ukraine right from the start.
“Putin repeatedly lied about his plans for Russia in Ukraine, scoring one goal in the beginning and then completely different.” “

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