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“Silent Diplomacy” How India Saved Ukraine from Nuclear Doom: CNN

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 escalated tensions to unprecedented levels. Territorial disputes and fears of Ukraine joining NATO fueled the conflict. As Ukrainian forces advanced on Russian-occupied Kherson, the Kremlin faced a series of setbacks. It was in this critical moment that India stepped onto the global stage.

CNN report revealed, India’s diplomatic efforts have emerged as a crucial factor in preventing a potential nuclear catastrophe during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis. In a delicate balancing act, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strategic diplomacy, supported by Chinese President Xi Jinping, played a pivotal role in persuading Russian President Vladimir Putin to abandon plans for a nuclear strike on Ukrainian soil. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable diplomatic triumph and its global implications.

India’s Role

Quiet Diplomacy: Behind closed doors, PM Modi engaged in quiet diplomacy, emphasizing the catastrophic consequences of nuclear warfare. His message resonated with Putin, who recognized the gravity of the situation.

China’s Support: Simultaneously, President Xi Jinping lent crucial support. China’s influence over Russia cannot be underestimated, and Xi’s appeal to Putin carried weight. Together, India and China presented a united front against nuclear escalation.

Forcing Putin’s Hand: Facing mounting challenges in Kherson, Russia feared encirclement and devastation. US officials believed that significant losses could push the Kremlin toward unconventional means, including nuclear weapons. India’s intervention added pressure, compelling Putin to reconsider his options.

The Intelligence Game

US Concerns: In 2022, US officials closely monitored Russia’s actions. Fearing a tactical nuclear strike, they analyzed intelligence indicating a potential nuclear Armageddon. The stakes were dire.

Russia’s ‘Dirty Bomb’ Theory: Russian propagandists floated rumors of Ukraine using a ‘dirty bomb’ against Russia. Western officials saw it as a diversion—a cover for Russia’s own nuclear ambitions.

Contingency Plans: The US worked with allies to develop contingency plans and issued warnings to Russia. But it was India’s involvement that shifted the balance.

Putin’s Decision

Phone Calls: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu contacted US, UK, France, and Turkey, expressing Kremlin concerns about Ukrainian provocations with a ‘dirty bomb.’

India and China: Seeking help beyond traditional allies, the US turned to India and China. PM Modi and President Xi’s joint efforts sent a clear message: Nuclear escalation was unacceptable.

The Fallout

India’s diplomatic triumph prevented a nuclear catastrophe. Putin abandoned his nuclear plans, recognizing the global repercussions. As the crisis subsided, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief.

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