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Xi Jinping promises Support to Russia in a call with Putin, despite global backlash

Chinese leader Xi Jinping reiterated his support for Moscow’s “sovereignty and security” issues over phone calls with his counterpart Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, voicing his support for international relations despite a global backlash against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking on his 69th birthday, Xi also promised to deepen strategic cooperation between the two countries, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
A separate study from the Kremlin said the two leaders emphasized that their countries’ relations were “extremely high” and reaffirmed their commitment to “strengthening deep and lasting relations.”

This is thought to be the second time the two have spoken since Russia invaded Ukraine. They last spoke a few days after Moscow introduced what it calls “special military service.”
China has also stopped referring to Russia’s actions as an attack and has gone a long way in the issue. He has described himself as seeking peace and maintaining international order, while refusing to criticize Russia’s actions. It also used its state-of-the-art media resources to mimic Kremlin lines blaming the United States and NATO for the problem.
During a press conference on Wednesday, Xi stressed that China had always “independently assessed” the situation in Ukraine and called on “all sides” to enforce a “proper solution to the Ukrainian crisis” – echoing the language he used in a March phone call with US President Joe. Biden.
China is “determined to continue to play its part” in promoting “the right solution” in Ukraine, he said.
The Kremlin’s summit of the phone took this step, saying: “The Chinese president noted the legitimacy of Russia’s actions in protecting the country’s basic interests when faced with challenges to its security created by foreign powers.”
China’s lack of criticism of the Russian war in Ukraine has disrupted Beijing’s tense relations with the US and its allies.
U.S. officials have repeatedly called on countries to criticize Russia’s actions and warned Chinese counterparts in helping Moscow. During a March call between Xi and Biden, the US President described the results if China backed material, following US intelligence that Moscow asked for military assistance in Beijing – a claim both denied.

Wednesday’s call was also an opportunity for Putin and Xi to explore growing trade relations.
Earlier this year, weeks before the Russian invasion, two leaders in a face-to-face meeting said their countries had “unlimited” relations and promised to boost trade.
“Since the beginning of this year, relations between the two countries have continued to improve well in the face of globalization,” Xi said in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

“The Chinese side is ready to work with the Russian side to promote the development of effective and long-term cooperation,” Xi said, pointing to the “progress” of their trade relations and the opening of last week’s first cross. -bridge highway over the Amur River.
The two have agreed to increase cooperation in energy, finance, manufacturing and elsewhere, “considering the global economic situation that has become increasingly difficult as a result of illegal sanctions policy pursued by Western countries,” said a Kremlin study.
The two countries also pledged to work together to strengthen ties and cooperation in international affairs such as the United Nations – where both often vote as a party.
“China is also committed to working with Russia to promote unity and cooperation between emerging market countries … and towards the development of international order and global governance towards a just and equitable direction,” Xi said in a statement. with the common intentions of the countries to back down from what they see as the United States’ world power.

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