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G20 summit 2022: Global leaders expect healthy bilateral talk

The 17 the G20 summit is a two-day event which will take place on 15th and 16th November 2022 at Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. The summit is based on the theme “”Recover together Recover stronger” under the presidency of Indonesian president Joko Widodo. Group of 19 countries and European Union will participate in the summit. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have reached Bali where he received a traditional welcome. 

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Indonesian Presidency will focus on three main pillars for its G20 2022 Presidency:global health architecture; sustainable energy transition; and digital transformation. Indonesia aims to continue leading on ensuring equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, promoting sustainable and inclusive economic development through participation of micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), and digital economy. Before leaving, the PM said that he would work to improve bilateral relations at this conference.

He said that they will also discuss global development, food and energy security here. During the 45 hours tour to Bali PM Modi will attend bilateral meetings with around 10 world leaders. A community event is also being organised to connect with the Indian community residing in Indonesia.             

One day before the summit, a side meeting took place between US President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. On Monday. On the Taiwan issue, the Meeting is considered to be crucial. After the three- and half-hour long meeting, the two sides released summaries. Discussions on going division work issues like Taiwan human Rights technology and trade went on between the two super powers .

White House statement said that, Biden had raised objections to China’s “coercive and increasingly aggressive actions toward Taiwan,” which harmed peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and eventually the global prosperity. From a readout from Chinese side, Xi Jinping said, hope the United States would match its words with action and abide by the one-China policy.

For India G20 summit 2022 is prestigious because Indonesian president Joko Widodo will hand over the presidency of G20 summit 2023 to be held in Delhi next year to Indian PM India Narendra Modi which will commence from 1rst December 2022.

Regarding this PM Modi says that, the theme of the G20 summit 2023 will be “vasudhaiva kutumbakam’. It means whole world is my family. I am here to invite all the G20 members for the G20 summit 2023 at Delhi. Along with all the global leaders PM Modi is also hoping for the healthy and fruitful bilateral talks between the G20 members.

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