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Pakistan: Minority Hindu woman beheaded and breasts cut off after Brutal Rape

In a horrifying incident, a 42-year-old minority Hindu Bheel lady was gang-raped and then brutally killed in Pakistan’s Sindh. Diya Bheel was named as the rape victim. According to reports, she was gang-raped before her head and breasts were cut off. According to media reports, the accused even went so far as to pull the skin off her head before dumping her corpse and severed head in a wheat field.

The case was first reported in Sindh province in Pakistan’s Sanghar district. According to media information, no case has yet been taken in this situation. In addition, no one was named among the accused.

Increase in cases of rape and assaults on Minority Hindu women

A rise in cases of forced conversions and marriages in Pakistan has left Hindu and Christian families in constant fear of their daughters being kidnapped, the International Forum on Rights and Society (IFFRAS) has said.

This month, the UK government imposed sanctions on its Muslim cleric Mian Abdul Haq for the forced conversions and marriages of girls and women from religious minorities, but such cases do not appear to have had an impact on the Pakistani government.


Cases of forced marriages and conversions regularly surface and are eventually dismissed.

Recently, on December 10, the Ministry of Justice (VoJ) released a report stating that between 2019 and 2022, there were one hundred cases of kidnapping, rape and forced conversion of Christian girls to Islam. However, this report does not mention these cases. of Hindu and Sikh girls which are reported almost every month. In Sindh, according to IFFRAS, even parents of young boys fear kidnapping for forced conversion.

A 13-year-old Hindu girl was kidnapped in Pakistan recently.

Recently, a minor Hindu girl aged 13 was kidnapped from her house by a man named Arshad Ali from Karachi, Sindh.

An FIR has been registered by the Karachi police, but no arrests have been made in the incident yet. According to the minor girl’s family, Arshad Ali had been harassing her for the past one and a half years and they had lodged complaints with the police several times. The family fears that the girl will be forcibly converted to Islam and married to Arshad Ali, according to local media.


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