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Is it Worth the Price Tag? Check this Sports Bike That Fits Your Budget

High-performing expensive sports bikes are a dream for many, but they come with a hefty price tag. The question remains – is a sport bike price worth it? Owning a high-performing sports bike can provide an unparalleled riding experience. The power, speed, precision handling, and aerodynamics can give you a feeling of control and an adrenaline rush. 

However, owning a high-performing sports bike requires regular maintenance and can come with higher insurance costs. Ultimately, deciding to invest in an expensive sports bike depends on personal preference, budget, and riding style. A high-performing sports bike can be worth the investment for those who can afford it and prioritise a thrilling riding experience. Read ahead to learn more about the best bikes and sports bike prices worth every penny invested. 

Best Sports Bikes to Consider

KTM RC 390

Experience power and precision with the KTM RC 390, one of the fastest bikes in the market. Starting from INR 3,18,173, the bike has new generation chassis, which offers unmatched stability while pushing the limit. The race inspired KTM RC 390 offers optimum rider control on the street and the track. Some of the key features of the KTM RC 390 are:  

  1. 320 mm Disc with Radially Mounted Calliper in the front and 230 mm Disc with Floating Calliper braking technology 
  2. 13.7 litres fuel tank capacity 
  3. Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, FI engine technology 
  4. 373.27cc engine capacity 
  5. Liquid cooling system with curved radiator with fans for excellent heat management 
  6. WP APEX USD forks front suspension and WP APEX Monoshock in the rear
  7. Split trellis bike frame (tubular) and newly engineered bolt-on subframe 

Additionally, the seats are incredibly comfortable for both rider and pillion rider. The pillion seat has a thicker foam construction and a non-slip surface. You can adjust the handlebars to your taste and enjoy dominating the racetrack on this powerful beast.

KTM RC 200

KTM RC 200

This sporty bike is equipped with a powerful 199.5cc Single Cylinder and Liquid Cooled DOHC engine, capable of delivering a maximum power of 18.4 kW (25 PS) and a maximum of 19.2 Nm torque. Designed for high speed, and excellent technology, the KTM RC 200 will impress with its performance and stylish looks. Here are the key features of the KTM RC 200: 

  1. Revised engine mapping, improved torque figures, and hard-hitting delivery power to take over the racetrack.
  2. The bike is more practical and sleeker and comes with class-leading technology such as an LCD dash display, dual-channel ABS with SUPERMOTO mode, and full LED headlamps.
  3. KTM RC 200 is available in two different colours: Dark Galvano, and Metallic Silver 
  4. 320mm Disc with a radially mounted calliper in the front, and 230mm Disc with a floating calliper in the rear.
  5. 13.7 litres fuel tank capacity 

Whether commuting to work or hitting the open road, this bike will surely provide a thrilling ride every time. The sport bike price of the KTM RC 200 is INR 2,17,696.

KTM RC 125

KTM RC 125

Introducing the KTM RC 125, the perfect bike for riders. With a starting sports bike price of INR 1,89,542, this motorcycle packs a punch with its impressive features. The KTM RC 125 boasts a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled DOHC engine with a maximum power output of 10.7 kW (14.5 PS) at 9250 rpm. The engine is smoother and gives hard-hitting power delivery; additionally, this bike offers superior acceleration and speed with a maximum torque of 12 Nm at 8000 rpm. The bike’s body is completely redesigned and built per the aerodynamics rules. In addition, the KTM RC 125 comes equipped with top-of-the-line safety features, making it a reliable choice for riders. Here are the key elements of the KTM RC 125: 

  1. The KTM RC 125 is available in two different colours: Silver and Black.
  2. The bike has new generation chassis giving it unparalleled control and stability. 
  3. 43mm WP APEX USD forks in the front, while the AP APEX adjustable mono-shock suspension technology in the rear gives the rider the confidence to take over the track. 
  4. 124.7cc engine displacement and 13.7 litres fuel tank capacity 
  5. 320 mm Disc with radially mounted calliper brakes in the front and 230 mm Disc with a floating calliper in the rear. 
  6. The bike comes with ABS rider aids technology in the rear. 

Why Sports Bike Price Shouldn’t Be Your Major Concern?

When buying a bike, especially sports bikes, prices are a significant concern that hinders the decision. However, when it comes to sports bike prices like KTM, price should not be the deciding factor. The bikes mentioned above are race and speed-oriented and highly preferred by passionate and professional bike riders. 


The KTM bikes have already proved their mettle in the bike market, especially in the 200cc to 400cc bike segment. The most robust sports bikes in the market are equipped with superior quality parts and have set a benchmark in the market, giving tough competition to others in the same sports bike price. 

The bike’s beautiful design, impressive throttle, powerful engine, and superior speed are some of the features that made every rider a fan of KTM and made them forget all about the sports bike prices. 

The KTM bikes are undoubtedly worth the price tag, and you shouldn’t be concerned about sports bike price. These bikes offer the best mileage in this sports bikes price range. One of the notable features that attracts riders is that even though the KTM bike’s engine capacity is much higher, the bike’s weight is incredibly light, making it suitable for riders of all weight and build. Own a bike that is worth sports bike price and investment by visiting your nearest KTM showroom and book a test drive. 

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