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Why a 201 Number Should Be Your Next Purchase

The 201 area code is the oldest in New Jersey and formerly serviced the entire state. This angel number encourages trusting intuition to manifest dreams.

Increased Reach

As one of the most densely populated areas in the United States, New Jersey’s 201 area code covers the northern part of the state and is the go-to number for businesses operating there. Using a local phone number for your business can expand your reach to regional customers and boost response rates on your call campaigns. Obtaining a 201 number is easy and inexpensive when you use a mobile app. Plus, it can save you the time and hassle of changing your existing number to a new one.

In numerology, 201 symbolizes trusting your intuition and staying true to your wisdom. This number is often accompanied by signs and synchronicities that affirm that you are on the right path. In addition, this number is associated with self-reflection and reconnecting with your core values.

201 reminds you to be open and honest with your partner in a relationship. Trust your intuition. It comes from love and guides you through relationship challenges. In addition, this number is also associated with manifesting and encourages you to follow your dreams.


The 201 angel number also suggests that more career opportunities are on the horizon, so keep your eyes and ears open for what’s next. If you are still looking for your current job, trust that your intuition will guide you toward the perfect career opportunity.


A local 201 number is an excellent option for businesses looking to make their phone numbers look more local. It increases call pickup rates and makes it easier for customers to connect with business owners. It is significant for businesses that conduct a lot of cold calling or use automated dialers.

The 201 area code serves the entire Jersey City metropolitan area. It also covers parts of Bergen and Hudson counties and many other smaller communities throughout the state.

Seeing the number 201 can signify that it is time to trust your intuition and follow your heart. This number encourages you to express your authentic self and speak up for what you believe in. It is also a reminder to stay grounded and focus on your core values to manifest your desired life.


The benefits of having a 201 number become even more evident when paired with virtual numbers. These services give you a second phone number on your existing device that is rerouted to any other device or email address. It means you can benefit if you buy 201 number without buying a new phone or switching service providers.

Reduced Call Costs

Using a 201 number for your business can reduce call costs by eliminating international or long-distance charges. Your customers can reach you directly by calling your local number, making you appear more trustworthy and increasing customer engagement. Plus, you can redirect incoming calls to your personal or office line at no extra cost, making this a practical option for businesses with remote employees.

The number 201 is the first digit of the area code for northern New Jersey, covering many Bergen and Hudson counties, including Jersey City, Bayonne, Hoboken, and Secaucus. Using a local 201 phone number for your business can promote intense proximity to customers in the Garden State and boost your sales. 

Increased Convenience

Purchasing a local phone number with the 201 area code is a great way to increase your reach in New Jersey and boost your business’s reputation locally. Whether running cold calling campaigns or trying to land a client, using a 201 phone number can improve your pickup rate by making it easier for potential customers to recognize you.


The 201 area code covers most of the state of New Jersey. It also serves a large part of the metropolitan area around New York City, as well as the suburbs of Philadelphia.

There are a few options if you want to get a 201 number. You can ask your service provider to switch you over or buy a new phone with the 201 area code. Both options can be expensive, requiring you to change your number and update everyone in your contact list.

The best option to get a local 201 phone number is to download a free mobile app with a second number in any area code you want. You can use this to make calls and text people in the 201 area code, and you can even set up call tracking to monitor your campaign’s performance.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The area code 201 was one of the initial 86 codes allocated by telephone companies for the nationwide numbering system in 1947. Initially, it encompassed the entire state. However, it was divided in 1951, and its coverage area was reduced to only the northern portion of the state. 


As a local business, having a 201 number makes your brand appear more trustworthy and authentic to customers in the area. It will help you to boost your sales and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, a local phone number can help you avoid expensive international calling charges when calling your clients from outside the US.

When your callers see that you’re located in the same area code as them, they’ll be more likely to pick up and answer your calls. Furthermore, using a local number can also track the performance of each advertisement you run. It will help you to assess and manage your marketing campaigns based on their effectiveness. It will also help you to increase your ROI on your advertising investments. 

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