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Ambupods: Bharti Airtel presented a New 5G enabled AR-VR ambulance

5G, finally launched in India, is being hailed as the beginning of a new era in high-speed internet services. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi showcased this cutting-edge technology at Pragati Maidan today.

Bharti Airtel presented a 5G-connected ambulance to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday at the official launch of 5G in the country to transform primary healthcare in emergencies as well as smart agriculture solutions.

At the official launch of 5G in the country on Saturday, Bharti Airtel presented a smart farm solution to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as a 5G-connected ambulance that will revolutionize emergency primary healthcare.

A 5G ambulance provides emergency care from a hospital to a patient at a cost of about Rs. 7-7.5 million. Airtel, Apollo Hospitals, and Cisco are working together to create a 5G-connected ambulance.



Modern medical technology, patient monitoring software, and telemetry equipment are part of a state-of-the-art 5G ambulance. These widgets transmit patients’ health data to the hospital in real-time.

In addition, it has camera-based headgear, onboard cameras, and ‘Body Cams’ for emergency personnel, all connected to the lightning-fast Airtel 5G network.

According to the corporation, it will be further enhanced with tools like AR and VR. Ajay Chitkara, Director and CEO, Airtel Business, Bharti Airtel said, “Healthcare is one of the most promising use cases for 5G and we are delighted to deepen our partnership with Apollo Hospitals and Cisco to bring several innovative use cases to the Indian. market.”


When real-time video is available, ambulance paramedics can use the cameras to collaborate with hospital emergency room doctors who have access to AV/VR technology to perform simple treatments when needed.

Doctors can digitally guide paramedics to perform a procedure and save precious lives. Hard-to-reach places can get health check-ups, vaccinations, and doctor connectivity thanks to Airtel’s ‘Ambupod’ technology.

“Doctors can perform a virtual examination of a patient via video call and view their reports. Medical services can be provided to many villages simultaneously,” telecom providers claim.

While PM Modi was at the Airtel pavilion, the company also showcased smart farming technology to him.


Using 5G technology, Airtel has worked to increase the productivity of the agriculture industry with the help of its partners L&T and CDAC.

“If every farmer in the country gets the necessary information in advances, such as soil moisture, atmospheric humidity, and temperature, to improve agricultural productivity, they can make better decisions,” the company claims.

Based on the color and type of crop, camera-based analytics can advise the farmer on the best timing and amount of pesticide to use.


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