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Holi 2022: Know the date and auspicious time of Holika Dahan

The long-awaited festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the country.
Holika Dahan or Choti Holi is an important part of this festival.

This traditional ritual involves burning an effigy of a mythical demon named Holika. It is an important ritual that precedes Holi.
It is celebrated on the full moon night of Phalgun month according to the Hindu calendar. According to mythology, this is a way of celebrating Lord Vishnu’s act of defeating Holika.
This year Holika Dahan is celebrated on March 17th. It is the day of the full moon of the month of Phalgun.
Shubh Muhurat (to Drikpanchang) Holika Dahan Muhurat: 21:06 to 22:16 on March 17 (1 hour 10 minutes)
Bhadra Punchha: 21:06 to 22:16 Bhadra Mukha: 10:16 AM on March 17 to 00:10 AM on March 18 Holika Dahan Sunset: 18:32 on March 17 – Pradosh (the time after sunset) begins Purnima Tithi: 13: 11pm March 17th to 12:47pm March 18th


A Holika Dahan mantra is chanted while a bonfire dedicated to this ceremony is lit.
Devotees worship and pray to the spirit of Holika to keep peace and happiness. The prayers are concluded by walking around the fire three, five or seven times together with water jars.
The devotees then drain the vessels when the final cycle is complete. After Holika Dahan’s campfire ritual, followers of Tilak smear their foreheads. Baked or roasted seasonal harvests are eaten. Certain devotees also carry some Holika ash into their homes as it is believed to be an auspicious practice.


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