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Sunday, June 4, 2023

What are 80,000 cops are doing? Court reprimands Punjab Government

Punjab and Haryana High Court rebuked over Punjab Government and Police in persistent Amritpal and Khalitani activities.

HC raps Punjab Police and said what are state’s 80,000 cops are doing in resolving the matter.

High Court further suspected the doings of the police and said, “Everyone got arrested but, Amritpal escaped its pretty strange.”

Around 4 henchmen of Amritpal has been transferred to Dibrugarh, Assam in a charter plane.


Nearly, 114 Khalistani has been arrested by the Security forces in which hunt for Amritpal is still onn.

During the operation Waris Punjab De chief escaped. Amritpal came into immediate light when the former threatened HM Shah to kill and captured the police station. Former Khalistani Separatist is believed to be funded and backed by the ISIS and other foreign nations too. Several Khalistani terrorists also protested in London and insulted the Indian Tricolor marking support for Amritpal.

In reply, the Home Ministry deployed 18 companies of Security forces in Punjab and area nearby Amritsar.


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