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Friday, June 2, 2023

Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Shot dead by unidentified shooters

Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Shot dead by 3 unidentified young shooters when the Gangsters’ were with police for medical examination.

ADG Law and Order reaches CM Yogi’s residence in Lucknow

All three shooters has surrendered after killing Atiq and Ashraf and even chanted “Jai Shree Ram,” slogans after killing gangsters.

After rounds of fire on Atiq and Ashraf by three shooters, they all collectively shouted surrender and after being trapped they all started chanting “Jai Shree Ram,” slogans.


Atiq Ahmed and Khalif Azim alias Ashraf were notorious gangsters of Up having strong political links with Samajwadi Party and Terrorists such as Dawood and Abu Salem.

Atiq Ahmed has been charged under numerous criminal cases and was also been a Samajwadi Party MLA and MP.

The matter was came in the light with after killing of Umesh Pal after which lots of politics occurred.

After the killing of Umesh Pal, the police has encountered Asad s/o Atiq and 2-3 other shooters also.


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