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Dan Edgar takes savage swipe at Amber Turner on Towie after collecting his stuff from her home following split

TOWIE star Dan Edgar took a savage swipe at his ex Amber Turner on the show, as he went to collect his stuff from her home.

Amber, 30, and Dan, 33, parted ways in May after six years together.


Towie star Dan Edgar took a savage swipe at his ex Amber Turner on the show, as he went to collect his stuff from her home[/caption]


Diags questioned why Dan had kept the key to his and Amber’s house[/caption]

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The reality couple split after six years together[/caption]

And the aftermath of their break up has played out on screens on the latest series of hit reality show Towie.

On Sunday night, Dan could be seen chatting to co-stars Diags and Roman as they discussed whether or not Dan had chatted to Amber since the split.

Dan explained: “I’ve spoken to her on and off about the house and the dog – obviously the whole situation with the dog is a nightmare.


“When we speak it’s very amicable, I just haven’t given the keys back yet that’s the only thing.”

Diags was quick to question why he’d not returned their house keys and joked that it was because he wanted to “keep the keys to her heart.”

Dan hit back, saying: “I’m not holding onto them for any particular reason I just needed to go back and get stuff still.”

And in a swipe at his ex, added: “Do you think I’m holding on to that key because I want to go back to that house and be around her?”


Dan’s dig comes after Amber revealed to The Sun that she’s miserable most of the time filming Towie.

The blonde beauty, who is part of the new Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins line-up, questioned why she’s even still doing the Essex-based TV show in a new interview.

She said: “I don’t watch myself back on Towie. I don’t get excited about the series because 95 per cent of my time on the show is not enjoyable. Doing SAS was more enjoyable than Towie.

“I don’t know why I still do Towie to be honest? I think I would be lost without it in a weird sense. It has been such a big part of my life. It kind of gives me a purpose.


“I feel like if I didn’t have the stability of having to film Towie through my break-up I could have slipped into a bit of a dark place.

“It got me out of the house, forced me to put my makeup on rather than just be at home a bit depressed and sad.”

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Amber said she doesn’t enjoy watching herself back on Towie[/caption]
September 25, 2023 at 01:43PM

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