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Dev Alahan takes drastic action to save son Aadi from Courtney Vance in Coronation Street

COURTNEY Vance and Aadi Alahan embarked on an affair, much to Dev’s dismay.

Next week, the Coronation Street businessman takes action to pull the lovers apart – but will his plan work?


Dev Alahan is worried about his son Aadi[/caption]


The lad embarked on a steamy affair with Courtney Vance[/caption]


Dev takes action for Aadi next week[/caption]

Actress Stephanie Davis joined the ITV soap line-up as Aadi Alahan’s newest love interest, Courtney Vance.

In recent scenes of the Manchester-based program, Courtney and Aadi’s (Adam Hussain) affair was finally exposed and she found out she would get none of her husband Darren’s money.

Following Courtney and Darren’s separation, the gold-digging bombshell moved in with Aadi and his family, despite his father Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) showing clear disapproval.


Coming up next week, Courtney puts pressure on Aadi to find them somewhere to live.

Telling her he loves her, a besotted Aadi promises to get onto it straight away.

When Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove) reveals that Shelly’s old flat is up for rent, Aadi’s delighted whilst Dev glowers at her. 

Aadi and Courtney announce that they’re moving into Shelly’s old flat.


Courtney tells Aadi that she’ll sell her rings towards the deposit and with the rest of the cash they can go out and celebrate.

Courtney drags Aadi to the Bistro where a golf club bash is also going on.

Seeing it as a great opportunity to wind Darren up, Courtney snogs the face off Aadi while talking loudly about their new flat.

Dev can barely watch as Aadi and Darren square up.


Bernie orders calm but as they leave she warns Courtney that she knows her game, it’s obvious she’s using Aadi when she’s still in love with Darren.

Meanwhile, Darren takes Dev to one side and offers him £5k to split up Courtney and Aadi.


Everything you need to know about Coronation Street


Dev returns home and, pulling out the £5k, tells Courtney it can be all hers if she dumps Aadi.

Will she take the bait? 

Could Aadi end up heartbroken?


Will Darren and Courtney get back together?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.


Aadi and Courtney make plans to move in together[/caption]


Can Dev and Darren stop them?[/caption]
September 21, 2023 at 11:30AM

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