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EA FC 24 fans have spotted this simple hack to gain XP points fast

EA SPORTS FC 24 is finally here, and early access players have already begun diving into the game.

Ultimate Team’s first promotion has already begun, and players have already found a quick way to get extra XP.

EA Sports FC

You’ll need to equip the FC Founder kit in order to get your easy XP.[/caption]

This will let you unlock more rewards, and give you a quick boost to your EA FC career.


Here is how you can grab 5k XP through the EA FC 24 Founder Campaign.

How to become an FC Founder – EA FC 24

If you purchase EA Sports FC 24 before November 1, 2023, then you will automatically be granted the EA FC 24 Founder status.

Founder status provides a number of benefits, including the FC Founder Ultimate Team campaign.

In order to start, you can go to the Objectives tab in the Ultimate Team menu and select Seasonal to get started.


This requires you to equip the FC Founder kit to your team, and then you’re ready to complete your challenges.

How to get the FC Founder home kit – EA FC 24

If you are an FC Founder then you’ll automatically have the FC Founder home kit, and all you need to do is equip it.

To do this go to the Ultimate Team main menu, and then go to Stadium, and select the Enter Stadium option.

From here you can select Club, and you’ll be able to edit your badge, ball, team name, and kits.


Select the black FC Founders kit as your home kit, and you can start completing your objectives.

What are the FC Founder objectives? – EA FC 24

Once you are wearing the kit, you are ready to complete the objectives.

Here is the complete list of FC Founder Objectives with their rewards:

  • Play 3 games – 750 XP
  • Score 3 goals – 750 XP
  • Complete three assists – 750 XP
  • Brick wall (concede less than 2 goals in 3 different games) – 750 XP
  • Goal scorer (score at least 2 goals in 3 different games) – 750 XP

These Objectives bring in 3,750 XP cumulatively, with the addition of another 1,250 XP as a reward for completing them all. In total, that makes 5,000 XP.


What is this XP used for in Ultimate Team? – EA FC 24

To complete all the levels of the Season Pass in this first season, you will need a total of 40k XP, but this 5K will get you to the first five levels of rewards.

These are the rewards you can get from the first five levels:

  1. Rare Gold Loan Rodman (RW, 84) or Williamson (CB, 85) for 7 games
  2. Premium Gold Pack (Untradeable)
  3. Loyalty – XL Tifo
  4. Player Pick – 1 of 3 75+ Rare Gold Players
  5. 10 Rare Gold 80+ Players Pack (Untradeable)

If you want to find out more about the game, you can check out our EA FC 24 review.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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