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I turned a concrete water pipe into a stunning tiny home…I came up with the idea on a building site & it only cost £12k

A BUSINESSMAN has shared how he managed to transform a concrete water pipe into a beautiful tiny home.

James Law, the CEO of the architectural firm Cybertecture, explained how he came up with the vision when he was on a construction site.

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A businessman turned a water pipe into a stunning home[/caption]

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The tiny home has a bed, a bathroom, a fridge, a microwave oven and even a workspace[/caption]

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Law says it only cost him £12,000 to build[/caption]

Since then the businessman has been developing his latest vision of micro-homes, OPods.

Speaking to CNN, he explained that each OPod costs £12,000 to build.

He said: “We basically did it as a very bare shell. Even inside the tube we’re using a concrete finish. It’s very, very low cost.


“It could be at very low cost, and also quite interesting for young people,” he said.

Having been struck by how big the inside of a concrete water pipe was, he began to think about the prospect of using them as an architectural project.

The water pipe homes are 3ft long, and have a diameter of 8ft.

The inside features 36ft of floor space, which has been impressively utilised to contain a bench which converts into a bed, a bathroom, a fridge, a microwave oven, a clothes rail, a suitcase rack, and even a workspace.


“Small is not really the issue,” according to Law.

“A well-designed small space can still be quite a hospitable, very warm, very cozy home.”

Law plans to rent out one of his OPods at £305 a month, making it an ideal stepping stone for students and young professionals looking to get established in the city.

“I thought: wouldn’t it be a really great idea to utilize these leftover concrete water tubes to create vast, micro architecture.”


“Younger people need some kind of period in their lives in the city where they’ll be able to afford to live (while) building up their resources,” states Law.

Although his project is not necessarily exclusive to youths, and has the potential to be used in aid of homelessness, immigration, and other housing crises, Law envisions his OPods as an antidote to the current struggles youths face.

“For me personally, as the creator of this project, my passion is somehow to help these young people, to nurture them, to protect them, to give them a decent step up in life.”

Meanwhile, someone has found his own solution to the housing crisis, and he has his parents to thank.


They have built him a tiny home in their backyard that measures just 150 square feet.

This tiny sustainable home that brings in £15,000 a year has hit the market for those who don’t need a lot of space.

The pint-sized two-bed features an open-plan living area and a loft space that is accessible through a ladder.

And a woman who lives in “a big white van” and spends just £200 a month on bills has said the cost-effective lifestyle is the “best decision (she) ever made” and she “wouldn’t change it for the world”.


September 13, 2023 at 09:35PM

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