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Thursday, September 28, 2023

I’m a bigger-busted girl – most tops stretch & become see-through but I found a great corset, you don’t even need a bra

A FULLER-BUSTED model has shared a few new fashion buys that accentuate and fit her chest.

She admitted that most tops on her frame stretch and look see-through but with a particular corset, she doesn’t even need to wear a bra.

Model Maia shared a few Reformation tops that were big-boob-friendly
Most tops stretch on her and become see-through but she found a great corset

Professional model Maia Andrews (@maia_andrews) may not be the biggest of them all, but she does run into her fair share of wardrobe problems.

In a TikTok video, she shared her haul of a few white Reformation corset tops that were catered toward bigger-busted women.


She previously shared another video review of a few Reformation styles and felt it was only fitting to share another.

“It was only right to try a few more options from Reformation just to show that it wasn’t just the one top. It wasn’t just the one dress,” she said.

She explained that the main issue for her is that “most tops are see-through where they stretch” and “become thinner” which causes people to “see-through them.”

First, she tried on the Eloise Linen Top, $148, which had “loads of room” and didn’t feel like you needed to wear a bra with it because it was supportive with adjustable straps.


Next, the blonde beauty put on the Daphne Top, which is temporarily out of stock on the website, but she was a big fan of it.

“I can’t cope. You know when you just get so gassed because it looks so good,” she said. “I tried it with a bra as well. I preferred it without.”

She thought it looked a little bit see-through but suggested wearing a bra with it to be more comfortable.

Lastly, Maia showed her audience a more affordable option, the Keegan Knit Top, $58.


“It is see-through. Maybe I could size up and it wouldn’t stretch as much,” she detailed.

All of the items were in a UK size 6 or US size 2.

Many viewers praised her in the comments for the try-on, with one writing: “Reformation knows what they’re doing.”

“I watched this whole video even though I have absolutely no boobs,” another shared.


Maia replied: “We love a supportive queen.”

“Where do you buy your bras from? Currently struggling to find ones that are supportive,” a TikTok user inquired.

“I’ve got to be honest I don’t usually bother wearing one!” the content creator answered.

In all of the looks, she showed that you don’t need a bra unless you want to


September 20, 2023 at 12:35AM

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