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I’m a car cleaning pro who’s washed millions of motors – 50p B&M pet accessory is key to keeping your vehicle spotless

A CAR cleaning pro who has washed millions of motors has revealed his top tip for banishing dog hair from your vehicle.

Dog lovers all know how annoying pesky pooch hairs can be – but experts claim using this 50p B&M hack will solve the problem.

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Experts are telling Brits to ditch the hoover[/caption]

The pro cleaners at Big’s Mobile Detailing say Brits should use a lint roller to get rid of the annoying hairs.


They explained: “A lint roller is an easy and effective way to pick up pet hair and other debris from car upholstery. 

“Simply roll the lint roller over the affected areas to remove the hair and other debris.”

A pack of six lint rollers are on sale at B&M for £3 – meaning they work out at just 50p each.

It comes as another car expert has revealed a £2 hack to keep your car interior pristine.


The TikTokker used a 10-second video to demonstrate the trick using a surprise item cheaply available online.

The social media user @shihekai impressed by showing how the inside of your motor can be kept immaculate with just a small brush.

Meanwhile, drivers were warned over a 99p TikTok car cleaning “hack” which could cause thousands of pounds of damage.

The video sharing site offers entertainment and little-known tips for many users, with motorists often taking advantage.


However, some viral trends can cause more harm than help.

September 14, 2023 at 03:59AM

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