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I’m a Newcastle United superfan – so I transformed my toilet into a mini St James Park

A NEWCASTLE United fan is so potty about the Toon he turned his loo into a mini St James’ Park.

James Longworth, 40, created his very own bog on the Tyne while his wife Tarin was away on a spa weekend.

Glen Minikin

Newcastle United fanatic James Longworth has decorated his downstairs toilet like St James Park[/caption]

Glen Minikin

The dad of three has kitted the room out with a Lego copy of the Newcastle United badge above his toilet roll[/caption]

The dad of three said: “She asked if I could paint the bathroom while she was away so I said ‘sure, how do you want it?’

“She replied, ‘It’s up to you — just nothing too loud’. I then had this spur-of-the-moment idea.”

Touches include a £200 mural of stadium St James’ Park, black and white stripes on the other walls and artificial grass on the floor.

And whenever the door opens, Local Hero plays — the music the team walks out to at home games.

Delivery driver James, who lives in Burnley, added: “We used to go to a lot of matches but it’s hard to get tickets now. So if I can’t go to St James’ Park I thought I would bring St James’ Park to me.”

Tarin, 33, was shocked at first — especially at the artificial grass.

She said: “We all know that boys don’t always hit the target. So how am I supposed to mop the floor when he has turned it into a football pitch with artificial grass?

“I do like it now — it’s quirky and a real talking point.”

Glen Minikin

James decorated the bathroom while his wife Tarin was away[/caption]

Glen Minikin

Despite his love for The Toon, James lives in Burnley and can’t get to many games[/caption]

Glen Minikin

The bathroom features artificial turf[/caption]

This is what James bathroom looked like before

September 22, 2023 at 01:30AM

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