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I’m an interior design pro – three mistakes that are making your home look cheap, and my best lighting hack

AN interior design pro has shared the top three decor features that can make your home look cheap.

The expert revealed the easy changes you can make to instantly elevate your space.

A home interior expert shared the top three decor mistakes that can make your space look cheap

In her video, the TikTok user, who goes by Lux Aeterna (@luxaeternalights), showed her followers the “design mistakes to avoid in your home decor and interior design choices.”

For her first tip, she explained the importance of finding the right size rug for your room.


“Don’t get a rug that’s too small, it throws off the proportions of the room and makes the whole space look smaller instead,” she said

“Go for a rug that fully covers your lounging area,” she recommended.

For her next suggestion, she shared the lighting layout that can improve your home.

She said: “Don’t stick to just one type of lighting, you need three, overhead, task, and ambient.


“Ambient lighting is crucial for adding that warm high-end feel to a room.”

Finally, the interior design enthusiast advised her followers to give lighting “the attention deserves.”

She explained that your home’s lighting “can make or break a room’s vibe.”

The lighting pro recommended using a light bar under your cabinets and shelves to create an ambient atmosphere.


“It makes life so much easier and no need to worry about ugly cables or replacing batteries,” she said.

Another interior design pro shared the seven items she recommends from Home Goods.

A second decor expert revealed the six household items you should throw away.

A TikToker showed her followers her hack for elevating the look of her Walmart curtains.

The interior design pro showed her followers the importance of ambient lighting in the home
By adding ambient lighting you can create a cozier environment in your home

September 15, 2023 at 10:51PM

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