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Inside bizarre tale of £7.6MILLION National Lottery winners who won thanks to a FLUKE… but refused to give up work

A LOTTERY winner who bagged a monster £7.5 million jackpot only did it thanks to a fluke.

Eric Tarry was 78 when he matched six numbers on a Lucky Dip ticket.


A lottery winner who bagged a monster £7.5 million jackpot only did it thanks to a fluke[/caption]

Since the Lottery launched in November 1994, he and wife Sue played the same numbers every single week.


But on November 29, 2008, he forgot what they were – so chose six random numbers.

It would turn out to be the most welcoming memory lapse of his life, matching 10, 34, 35, 39, 43 and 47.

But the couple were in for an unbelievable second fluke when Sue played their normal numbers anyway, and won.

Recalling the moment his life changed forever, Eric told The Mirror: “I got up and went to my laptop computer and checked my saved numbers.


“Our regular ticket won £10. I got my other ticket and it said, ‘Congratulations you are a winner‘.

“We haven’t slept since – can’t eat, can’t sleep.”

Sue wanted to spend some of the winnings on finishing the kitchen in their five bed home in Fakenham, Norfolk.

And Eric had his eyes set on a motorhome for couple who had never flown.


Their last holiday was a short break to Suffolk in 1984.

The pair said their family, including five kids, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild, would also be “taken care of”.

But they vowed not to give up the day job, their car repair business.

Eric said: “It’s our way of life. I’ve got lots and lots of lovely customers who are friends as well.


“It’s something we do every day. It’s not easy to give up.”

September 14, 2023 at 03:44AM

from The Sun

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