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N. Korea holds struggle session to condemn non-socialist elements in films

North Korean authorities recently held an ideological struggle session for workers and artists in the movie industry, claiming that non-socialist elements have infiltrated films produced in the country.

“Earlier this month, a closed-door ideological struggle session on the non-socialist phenomena in the film sector was held with all cadres, workers, and artists of the General Directorate of State Films,” a source in Pyongyang told the Daily NK on Thursday on condition of anonymity.

Officials condemn non-socialist elements in costumes, plots

The meeting was organized by the Central Committee of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and three members of the department attended.

“Earlier, the party committee of the General Directorate of State Films and affiliated state security officials had issued a report on the non-socialist phenomena in the film sector. The Supreme Leader [Kim Jong Un] was concerned about the issue, so the Central Committee’s Propaganda and Agitation Department organized the collective ideological struggle session,” the source explained.

During the meeting, it was pointed out that workers in the film sector were introducing foreign elements into films. In short, officials criticized the fact that films with a strong non-socialist elements in costumes, props, plots and themes were being shown at film premieres.

“Hoping that workers in the film industry would develop films in the Juche-style, we gave them the opportunity to watch unique foreign films and dramas, but this seems to have become a poison,” the officials said.

“The blatant inclusion of non-socialist elements banned by the state in films is tantamount to disregarding party policy and directly challenging the Workers’ Party,” the officials continued, stressing that such acts should be strongly punished.

More than a dozen film industry workers face punishment

During the struggle session, officials from the Central Committee’s Propaganda and Agitation Department named several film workers and artists involved in the non-socialist phenomenon, saying, “They are guilty of desecrating our films and art.”

“Unbeknownst to us, the enemy’s black clouds and seductive spirits first reached the creators and artists of film and art,” the officials said, adding: “We should have ruthlessly nipped the black sprouts in the bud from the beginning, but they have grown and reached the extreme.”

“Officials from the Central Committee’s Propaganda and Agitation Department made it clear that the ideological struggle session would end with punishment, not just criticism,” the source said, adding: “In fact, after the struggle session, it was announced that more than a dozen workers and artists in the film sector would be dismissed, suspended and revolutionized.”

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