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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

People said my clothes were ‘not even close to office-appropriate’ – it wasn’t just my shoes that drew attention

AN office professional has shrugged off online criticism about her workwear.

Her critics said her wardrobe choices were “not even close to office-appropriate.”

TikTok user was criticized for her ‘inappropriate workwear’
Some people might not like but she said she wasn’t going to change

They might not be happy, but she is and has vowed not to change in the face of their disapproval.

As far as she was concerned, she was trying her best, and anyway, she was in Florida.


Sophia (@quepasoyaya) didn’t have to pay too much attention to these fashion censors.

There were many more fans who showed support for her and her style choices.

“Business casual is the new office wear and these outfits are perfect,” was a comment typical of many more.

Sophia is hugely popular on her TikTok with over 706,000 followers.


Her pledge on her platform is to be all “about workwear for fun.”

In this post, she responded to a viewer who saw her outfit choices for the office to be ill-considered.

“This is not even close to office appropriate,” they said.

Sophia took it in her stride: “I was wearing open-toe shoes, sneakers, and jeans to the office.


“I’m trying my best to live in Florida.”

Mimicking her critic, audio in the background said: “We need to call the police. Call the police.”

But the universal feeling among the commenters was one of support.

“It’s called smart casual and I also wear this in the office,” said one person.


A second person observed: “I used to wear Lululemon to my last firm. How is this inappropriate? You look great girl.”

And this West Coast worker had this to say: “In San Francisco, business casual is jeans and a hoodie here. So for me, your outfits are great.”

Fans saw no problem with her workwear

September 20, 2023 at 06:37PM

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