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Monday, December 4, 2023

Russell Brand ‘exposed himself to woman & told her “I’m gonna f*** you” before laughing about it on BBC Radio 2 show’

RUSSELL Brand allegedly exposed himself to a woman and told her “I’m gonna f*** you” before laughing about it on his BBC Radio 2 show moments later.

The comedian, 48, has been accused of a string of sex assaults – including rape – with yet another claim levelled at him today by an unnamed woman while the pair were in LA.


A woman has claimed Brand exposed himself to her in the bathroom before laughing about it on air moments later[/caption]

The woman said Brand followed her into the bathroom moments after he was let in the building

The woman has been named ‘Olivia’ to keep her anonymous[/caption]


The woman, who has been named Olivia, has told the BBC that Brand exposed himself to her while she was in the bathroom of an office block 15 years ago.

Recalling the alleged incident, she said she turned around to face a man’s crotch after he followed her in and stood over her.

On that day in June 2008, Olivia had let Brand and his team into the building so they could pre-record their show for BBC Radio 2.

Olivia had gone to the bathroom to get some medicine and had squatted down to the cabinet when she felt someone behind her, it is claimed.


She said: “I was startled and got up and I realised it was the man that I’d let in – Russell.”

In the conversation after, Olivia recalled him saying: “Oh, I think you’re a bit alright. I think you’re a bit of alright.” 

She said he told her he was going to call her Betty and when she told him that wasn’t her name, he replied: “Well, I’m gonna fuck you.”

Olivia said: “And I said: ‘No, you’re not.’” 


She said he then exposed himself and “pretty much served it to me as you would be serving someone some food” in the bathroom where the door was shut.

Olivia said after she told him they were not going to “f***”, Brand pulled his trousers back up.

And in that moment, someone banged on the door to tell him to head to the recording studio, Olivia claims.

Brand then laughed about it two minutes later on his BBC Radio 2 show.


On air with co-host Matt Morgan moments later, Morgan said: “It’s been 25 minutes since he showed his willy to a lady.”

Brand laughed and replied: “Very easy to judge! Very easy to judge!”

After returning to her desk, Olivia said she texted a BBC employee about what had happened.

He allegedly told her he knew what had happened because Brand was talking about it in the studio.


And in 2019, BBC management was informed about the incident by a BBC staff member who had spoken to Olivia, a report found.

She said nobody from BBC management approached her directly about the incident and no formal action was taken.

Olivia worked for a media company which was based in the same building as the BBC in the US.

The BBC put it to Brand but he has not responded.


Brand has denied all allegations put to him.

He is currently being investigated by the Met Police after a woman contacted them on Sunday alleging she was sexually assaulted by him in London in 2003.

That came after five women accused Brand of sexual abuse between 2006 and 2013, over the weekend.

Another woman came forward to The Sun on Tuesday and alleged Brand stalked her down the street demanding sex.


The alleged assault happened at the BBC’s office in LA[/caption]


Brand has denied all allegations put to him[/caption]
September 21, 2023 at 10:40PM

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