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How to delete an IC Markets account by a few steps?

The platform’s aim is to eliminate the divide between retail and institutional customers. The platform is committed to creating trading steadily simpler and smoother with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Many clients have the opportunity to acquire expert-level trading abilities by using IC Markets because it offers advice and first-hand knowledge.

Accordingly, IC Markets goes above and beyond to give customers the greatest acquisition instruments for their skill levels and investment objectives. As a result, clients can create investment portfolios that are as straightforward or sophisticated as they wish. A certain algorithm should be followed by traders who decide to cancel their IC Markets statements.

If you are wondering how to delete an IC Markets account, it is not offered by the company. On the account summary page, however, just next to the statement number is an arrow that can be used to hide your trading statement.

To do this, you must first cancel any orders and take a withdrawal from your balance using one of the accepted payment methods.


After then, the dealing statement can be placed in “sleep mode” for any length of time. If you want to close your user statement because you no longer need the IC Market assistance, get in touch with the business’ assistance.

Statements that are inactive and have no balance are eventually archived automatically. If you want to keep using the site, get in touch with customer service and ask them to reactivate your archived account or help you create a new one.

The various IC Markets statement types are comparable in key ways. All statements are completely isolated from corporation cash as well. The Standard Account has no fees and spreads that are small.

Each round-turn of a normal lot costs $7 in the Raw Spread statement. Depending on the base cash, different payments can apply. The large range of fee speeds offered by IC Markets, which is fully controlled, is impressive.


You are required to withdraw any lingering balance before you terminate your broker user statement. There are no fees associated with departures to cards, electronic payment procedures, or bank transfers to statements with Australian economic institutions. It will cost at least 20 Australian dollars to transfer money internationally. Only accounts that were started in your name may be funded by withdrawals. Your chosen payment method will dictate the withdrawal conditions.

If you choose to cancel your statement, proceed as directed. Log in to your IC Markets user statement first. Once you’ve finished working with declarations and taken all reserves out of your balance, archive your user budget. If you desire to permanently delete a broker account or reactivate an archived one, reference client support assistance.

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