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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Star Wars legend says he ‘follows orders’ from Zelensky

Mark Hamill has described himself as the Ukrainian president’s “good soldier”

Actor Mark Hamill, who portrayed Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, has called himself a “good soldier” of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. In September, Hamill became an ambassador of Kiev’s Army of Drones campaign, which is in charge of acquiring reconnaissance UAVs, according to its website. 

In an interview published on Monday, the actor told Politico that his role in helping Kiev during its conflict with Russia was “much more meaningful than what I’m used to doing.” 

Hamill was quoted as saying that he was a “good soldier” who would do anything Zelensky or his team asked him to. “I follow orders,” he added. 

The actor, who often comments on political issues on Twitter, has been selling signed Star Wars posters in order to raise funds for Ukraine. While some social media users have praised Hamill’s involvement, others have argued that he could have been raising money to help those in the US.

Mark Hamill is not the only Hollywood actor to openly support Kiev in its conflict with Moscow. American actor Ben Stiller met with the Ukrainian leader and called Zelensky his “hero.” Hollywood star Sean Penn brought Zelensky his Oscar, telling his “great friend” to hold on to his award until “he wins.”


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