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Most Americans think US is ‘out of control’ – poll

A survey finds that 73% of respondents believe things are “going badly” for the country

Almost eight out of ten Americans believe the government has lost control of the situation as the country heads into next month’s midterm elections, according to a poll released on Sunday.

The CBS News-YouGov survey found that 79% of respondents see the current state of affairs as “out of control,” while 21% disagree. Meanwhile, 73% of likely voters see things as going either “somewhat” or “very” badly in America, with only 26% expressing optimism.

A majority of 56% of Americans disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as US president, while 44% have a positive view of his performance.


The poll also revealed the diverging priorities of voters, with 63% of Democrats believing that a functioning democracy is a bigger worry for them than a strong economy and 70% of Republican supporters seeing the economy as a more pressing concern.

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US democracy is failing – poll

As the November 8 midterm elections approach, the poll concluded that Republicans are in a “good position” to win a majority in the House of Representatives, projecting that the GOP will take a total of 228 seats, while the Democratic Party will hold just 207, down from 220 now.

Should Republicans win, more than half of voters expect them to push for an increase US energy production, impeach Biden, ban abortions and overturn Democratic victories in elections. Meanwhile, if the Democrats retain a House majority, respondents expect them to try to pass legislation guaranteeing the national right to abortions, open the border with Mexico, cut police funding and increase social security.


The survey comes at a time of growing frustration with the ruling Democratic party, with many voters accusing it of failing to tackle record-high inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, illegal immigration, and rising crime rates. Earlier this month, Bloomberg cited its own economic model, concluding that the US economy is 100% certain to enter a recession in the next 12 month.

The CBS News-YouGov poll, which surveyed 2,119 registered voters, took place between October 26 and 28.

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