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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Leading Media Outlets Urge US to End Prosecution of Julian Assange

https://ift.tt/hrLjdQG United States should end its prosecution...

Biden Asks Congress to Avert Rail Strike, Warning of Dire Economic Impact

https://ift.tt/fkhrJ6M. President Joe Biden on Monday called...

‘We the People’ at Heart of White House Holiday Decorations

https://ifttt.com/images/no_image_card.png"We the People" is Jill Biden's holiday...

Poll reveals attitude of Germans towards Scholz

Scholz’ approval rating and overall trust in the country’s government remain low, a new survey shows

The approval rating of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz remains low, with only 38% of Germans believing he’s fit for his job, a survey conducted by Germany’s INSA research institute shows. Nearly 50% of Germans see Scholz as unfit for the post, according to the study published by Bild on Tuesday.

While his approval rating remains low, Scholz performed better in September than in August. The previous INSA survey showed that only 25% of the public was satisfied, with the rating becoming the lowest since Scholz took office in December.

The survey shows that the government’s overall approval rating has become even lower, with 64.5% of those surveyed describing their trust level as “low” compared to some 62% back in August. Only 30% described their level of trust in the federal government as “high,” according to the survey.


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Germany secures just one tanker of LNG from UAE – media

Multiple cabinet ministers have shown extremely low approval ratings as well, with Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht performing worst. Only 18% of respondents were satisfied with how she was doing her job, while 63% disapproved.

Nearly 35% of Germans approve of Economy Minister Robert Habeck, while some 50% are dissatisfied with him. Finance Minister Christian Lindner showed similar results, with some 33.6% approving of his job and 50% expressing disapproval.

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach remains the most controversial figure within the government, the survey indicates, with society remaining split roughly in half on his performance. Some 40% approve of his job, while 47% disapprove of it.


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