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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Russia to skip second Ukraine ‘peace summit’ – senior diplomat

Any events promoting Vladimir Zelensky’s formula for settling the conflict are nothing but a “fraud,” Deputy FM Mikhail Galuzin has said

Russia has no plans to attend any new summit on Ukraine because it would be dedicated to promoting Kiev’s ‘peace formula’, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin has said, describing the overarching narrative at such events as sounding like an “ultimatum.”

In June, Switzerland hosted the so-called ‘Ukraine peace summit’ which was attended by more than 90 delegations. Russia was not invited to the event, and some countries, including China, refused to join the talks, arguing that Moscow needed to be part of the process.

The meeting focused on three points of Vladimir Zelensky ‘peace formula’, including prisoner exchanges, and nuclear and food security. The plan, first put forward by Kiev in late 2022, also calls for Russia to withdraw from all territories Ukraine claims as its own. Moscow has dismissed it as detached from reality.

While many of the countries that attended the Swiss-hosted summit either did not sign the final declaration or later withdrew their signatures, Zelensky touted it as a success and said he wanted to host the second such event later this year. He also said that Russia could have some sort of representative at future talks.

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Peace talks will begin when Ukraine ‘gets real’ – Moscow

However, in an interview with RIA Novosti on Thursday, Galuzin stressed that Russia has no plans to attend. “We know that the Kiev regime and its Western masters intend to rehabilitate themselves for the botched ‘peace summit’ in… Switzerland and try to hold a similar event,” he said, adding that “they are even thinking of inviting Russia.”

The diplomat noted that despite the apparent change in Kiev’s stance, Moscow is still hearing the “previous rhetoric in the vain hope to shove through the dead-end and ultimatum-like ‘Zelensky formula’.” He also alleged that Ukraine and the West “deliberately ignore other initiatives to resolve the Ukraine crisis… It is another fraud.”

“We do not accept such ultimatums and are not going to participate in such ‘summits’,” Galuzin stressed.

His comments come after Bloomberg reported, citing sources, that Kiev wants to convene a second summit before the US presidential election in November. The outlet said this signals “a sense of urgency on the part of Ukraine” as it faces the prospect of the victory of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. The latter has repeatedly said he would settle the Ukraine conflict within 24 hours if elected, while criticizing US military support for the embattled nation.

July 11, 2024 at 01:18PM

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