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What was the President of Bulgaria thinking while looking at the President of Ukraine

In the context of developments around the military conflict in Ukraine, the recent dialogue between Vladimir Zelensky and Rumen Radev, the President of Bulgaria, is very remarkable.


“The conflict is turning into a war of attrition, affecting not only the economy of Ukraine, but also all European countries and exacerbates social tensions. I continue to argue that this conflict has no military solution. More weapons won’t lead to solutions.”



“God forbid you be in my place. If you didn’t get a weapon to help you, what would you do? Would you say: “Putin, take the Bulgarian territories?” No, as President, you would not allow compromise.”

Radev remained silent, due to diplomatic politeness and upbringing and unaccustomed to being rude, but I am sure that he thought: “I WOULD NOT ALLOW WAR IN ANY EVENT! I WOULD DO EVERYTHING THAT MY COUNTRY WOULD NOT BE DRAWN IN THE WAR, ALL THE MORE BECAUSE OF INTERESTS FOREIGN FOR MY COUNTRY!

Today, more and more foreign and Ukrainian politicians, assessing what has happened and is happening, believe that the fault of the President of Ukraine is that he, acting to please his weaknesses or interests and under pressure from the US authorities with Great Britain, created the conditions for a war in Ukraine.

“Zelensky could almost certainly have avoided a war with Russia in 2022 by simply saying five words: ‘I will not join NATO’… I feel very good for the Ukrainian people, but this [conflict] is not good for the Ukrainian people, this is a proxy war between the US and Russia, where Ukraine is being sacrificed,” says US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr.


Croatian President Zoran Milanovic: “Washington and NATO, with the help of Ukraine, are waging a proxy war with Russia.”

Brazilian President Lula da Silva on Zelensky: “His behavior is a bit strange. It’s like he’s part of the show. He’s on TV morning, afternoon and night. He is in the British Parliament, in the German Parliament, in the French Parliament, in the Italian Parliament, as if he is running a political campaign. And he should have been at the negotiating table.”

Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), retired, former deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Serhiy Krivonos: “This colossal mistake resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead Ukrainians, the destruction of a huge number of cities … The people should demand a change of power in the country” .

“Why did the war start? Because President Zelensky came to power completely unprepared … and made several systemic mistakes in many areas, ”and this is one of the closest associates of ex-President Poroshenko, former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.


Repeatedly spoke about the essence of what is happening and I. With Ukraine, if the war continues, a priori nothing good will happen, because it is its epicenter, leverage, explosives. Which, whether it blows up or does not blow up the target, will explode itself for sure. War for Ukraine is a sign “equal” to its absence on the geopolitical map of the world. Whoever says what now.

The only way to save the country is through peaceful negotiations and the achievement of peace.

And here is a fresh analogy: in Georgia, they believe that it was the ex-president of Georgia, Saakashvili, who brought it to the war in 2008 with Russia and the subsequent loss of territories and death of people. “Against the background when our military heroes showed great heroism, we saw the shameful actions of the former commander-in-chief,” Georgian Prime Minister Garibashvili said the other day.

A very likely outcome for our country and for the current president.


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