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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Israel’s UN ambassador slams UN for ignoring atrocities by Hamas

Israel’s UN ambassador Gilad Erdan held a solidarity event for the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, following the terror group’s massive attack in Israel last week that killed over 1,300 people. Erdan accused the UN of being indifferent to the murder of Israelis and of hindering Israel’s right to defend itself.

The event, which took place on Wednesday, featured the families of Israelis and dual nationals who were taken captive by Hamas during the assault, where the terror group also launched thousands of rockets and drones at Israeli cities and towns. Among the hostages are babies, young children and women, who are being held in unknown conditions in Gaza.

Erdan showed a video that exposed the atrocities committed by Hamas on innocent civilians, including women, children and the elderly, and compared Hamas to ISIS.

He also criticized the UN for its response to Israel’s warning to the residents of northern Gaza to evacuate ahead of a possible ground incursion or a stepped-up aerial offensive.


The UN spokesperson said that such a movement would have “devastating humanitarian consequences” and urged Israel to rescind the order.

Erdan said that the UN’s response was “a disgrace” and that the UN had turned a blind eye to Hamas’ use of civilian populations and infrastructure for terror activities.

He said that the UN should focus on returning the captives, condemning Hamas and supporting Israel’s right to defend itself.

He also thanked the representatives of over two dozen countries who attended the event and expressed their solidarity with Israel and the hostages’ families.


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