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Light Civilian Airplane accidentally lands at Israeli Airbase

In an unusual incident, a small civilian plane apparently accidentally landed at an Israeli air force base on Friday.

The military said the plane landed at a base in northern Israel without receiving permission to do so.

“Crews from the base were rushed to the airstrip and police were called to question the civilians who were on the plane,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the flight was pre-planned and monitored by air traffic control units.


“The plane was piloted by a licensed Israeli pilot who was supposed to land on a nearby airstrip and accidentally landed on the base’s territory,” the IDF said, according to a preliminary investigation.

The incident will be investigated more thoroughly, the statement said.

Hebrew media said the pilot was supposed to land at Megiddo Airport near Afula, but instead landed at the nearby Ramat David Air Base.

The plane was a Diamond DA40 light aircraft, a type of single-engine aircraft with four seats, and took off from Herzliyya with two passengers, Ynet reported.


The incident occurred at a time when soldiers in northern Israel were on high alert.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz ordered the alert on Thursday amid setbacks in Israel’s efforts to reach a maritime border agreement with Lebanon. The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah has threatened to attack Israel over the deal.

From : Times Of Israel


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