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Unknown disease kills almost 100 people in south Sudan, WHO team deployed

UNHCR had said that over 700,000 people have been affected by the worst flooding in the country for nearly 60 years

A World Health Organization team has been sent to South Sudan after a mysterious illness that confused the country’s health department. The disease has killed at least 100 people in Fangak, Jonglei State, South Sudan. According to local officials, the first samples of sick people returned the negative effects of cholera.

The WHO’s Sheila Baya, speaking to the BBC, said: “We have decided to send an emergency response team to assess the risks and investigations; in which case they will be able to collect samples from sick people – but only temporarily.

Baya further explained that a team of scientists had to reach Fangak by helicopter. This is due to severe flooding in the region.

He added that the group was still waiting for transport to take them back to the capital Juba.


Earlier UNHCR had stated that more than 700,000 people had been affected by the worst flooding in the country for nearly 60 years. The floods have severed communities and led to food shortages and other important causes of malnutrition.

Lam Tungwar Kueigwong, the state minister for land, housing and public services, said the country bordering Unity was also hit by severe floods. This has increased the spread of diseases such as malaria.

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