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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Baby first aid experts share harrowing reason you should always keep bath plugs out of the way of children

A “TRAUMATISED” mum has warned other parents to keep bath plugs out of reach of your little ones.

Her message has been backed by baby first aid experts Tiny Hearts who urged other parents to take note of the harrowing story.


There’s a harrowing reason you should keep your bath plug out of your toddler’s reach[/caption]

The mum, who chose to remain anonymous, found her two-year-old son almost drowning in their bathtub in the early hours of the morning.


“At 4am in the morning, our four-year-old son came running down to our bedroom shouting that his brother was in the bath and needed urgent help,” she bravely shared.

“We found our cheeky, adventurous two-year-old in the bath fully clothed with nappy and everything on.

“He had pulled up a stool to climb in. He’s never climbed in on his own before.

“He put the plug in, turned the tap on and the bath was overflowing and the bathroom was flooding.


“The scariest part, and something I feel deeply traumatised by, is that he had clearly been trying to get out for a while and had given up and was tired.

“He was kneeling on his knees and falling asleep in the water.”

According to the experts at Tiny Hearts, all it takes is a few centimetres of water and 20 seconds for a child to drown. 

“If our four-year-old hadn’t woken up, I can’t even think about what we may have woken up to,” the mum continued. 


“Obviously there’s been a lock put on the bathroom door now and the plug is also in a locked cupboard.

“So many parents shared that they never would have thought of this either and they too have their plugs left on the bench or close to the bath.”

She added that she is “so incredibly grateful” that her oldest son woke up as she never would have heard the bath running from her bedroom. 

The two-year-old was checked by a medical professional and “absolutely fine”, but it could have been a different story.


The traumatised mum is now urging parents to keep their bath plugs out of reach of toddlers. 

She has also purchased an alarm sensor to go on her tot’s door to alert her whenever he opens his door at night.

For those with built-in bath plugs, CPR Kids recommended trying door knob covers, safety chains or bolt locks to stop children from getting into the bathroom in the first place. 

September 21, 2023 at 01:43PM

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